Quality And Response-Oriented Passivation Services...
On-Demand and When You Need Them!

Passivation is the cleaning of austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and precipitation hardening corrosion resistant steels. GSMP has been providing passivation services for over 25 years.  Passivation is the most common cleaning process used in the industries we service. We perform this process to multiple specifications.

In addition to the passivation treatment GSMP also has the resources to perform the chromate treatment for ferritic and martensitic steel when required.

GSMP has the capabilities in-house to provide our customers with the necessary quality assurance tests required to evaluate the effectiveness of the passivation process. Copper Sulfate testing is performed when it is specified by the customer. We are pleased to announce that we also have multiple Corrosion Testing Cabinets to perform the test that you need, from Salt Spray Testing to our State of the Art Water Immersion Test Chamber.

Since 1987 GSMP has been providing World-Class Quality Inspection, Testing and Surface Finishing to industry’s largest and most sophisticated aerospace and metal parts manufacturers. Trust GSMP with your critical testing and finishing requirements.