Advanced Borescope Inspection for Parts with
Restricted Viewing Limitation

GSMP provides our customers with the use of borescopic inspection, both UV and visual. The requirements established in the primary industry specifications require that inspection shall be performed on all areas and that if the area has a restricted viewing limitation the use of special lighting such as UV Borescopes shall be used. We currently have the capabilities to inspect internal diameters up to 4’ in length. Our personnel use this equipment on a regular basis and are extremely skilled. We are able to provide our customers with the confidence to ensure they have manufactured a part to the standards set forth in the industry.

At GSMP we train our personnel to use established formulas to determine when the use of a borescope is necessary. We also have on-site, certified ASNT Level III personnel, that are highly involved in the day to day operations of the company.

The management and staff at GSMP are committed to ensuring we provide our customers with the best possible services. We feel that the services we provide are extremely beneficial and we take our responsibilities to a level of excellence that is expected by the industries we service.