Mil-Spec Class 1A Quality Chemical Conversion
And Chem Film Coatings... When You Need Them!

Trust GSMP when your simple or critical project requires MIL-C-5541/MIL-DTL-5541 Class 1A or Class 3 Chemical Conversion Coating (Chem Film) processing. Whether your parts are small or (extra) large, you can expect GSMP to provide responsive, quality coating services and support on-demand.

Critical Cleaning
GSMP provides valuable and essential cleaning and processes required for metal part manufacturing… We provide cleaning services from Abrasive Cleaning, Alkaline, Solvent, Type II and VI Passivation, including Dichromate Seal.

Precision Masking
When intricate or complex masking tasks are required for your precision parts, trust GSMP’s blueprint literate personnel to ensure your project is done right.

Large Parts
Our proprietary and innovative modular tank and inspection platform provides us the ability to respond and flex our coating services and testing/inspection capabilities around all sizes of parts and components.

Since 1987 GSMP has been providing World-Class Quality Inspection, Testing and Surface Finishing to industry’s largest and most sophisticated aerospace and metal parts manufacturers. Trust GSMP with your critical testing and finishing requirements.