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When it comes to descaling your hardware GSMP can assist you in a variety of ways. Descaling refers to removal of scale that occurs during thermal processing. Scale removal can be accomplished by means of mechanical cleaning, abrasive cleaning, chemical cleaning or a combination of these cleaning methods.

GSMP has the resources to assist you in your descaling needs with all of these cleaning methods. Dependent on the thermal processing your hardware has been exposed to will determine the extent of the cleaning methods required. The experienced personnel at GSMP can determine with the direction provided in the specification which method will be most effective, cost sensitive and have the best cosmetic appearance. GSMP prides itself on the quality of the services that we provide to our customer base. The quality at GSMP is superior and allows our customers the confidence in knowing that the requirements that they have flowed down will be implemented. For peace of mind call the quality minded professionals at GSMP.

GSMP  is one of North America’s leading, independently owned inspection, testing and metal finishing firms. With nearly three decades of diversified industry and application experience, we have earned a reputation for outstanding performance, personalized service and attention to detail. Leverage our expertise by allowing us to serve your company’s critical inspection, corrosion and metal finishing needs.