Critical Water Immersion Testing When You Need It!

Water Immersion Testing is one of the mandatory test methods for the Passivation of Corrosion Resistant Steels. This test method is used to detect anodic surface contamination, including free iron on corrosion resistant steel. Water Immersion Testing, is a test which exposes the passivated hardware to distilled water for intervals of 1 hour submerged in water and 1 hour without bring submerged in water for a total of 24 hours to determine the effectiveness of the passivation process.

GSMP has a State-of-the Art Computer Controlled Water Immersion Test Chamber. This test chamber allows us to not only provide traceability of the testing performed, since the test data is stored in our computer system it also allows for the cleanest environment for the testing to be performed ultimately leading to better results. Our test chamber is capable of testing actual hardware up 4 ½ feet in length. Trust GSMP to provide you with the highest quality and customer service when it comes to your cleaning and testing of Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel.

Since 1987 GSMP has been providing World-Class Quality Inspection, Testing and Surface Finishing to industry’s largest and most sophisticated aerospace and metal parts manufacturers. Trust GSMP with your critical testing and finishing requirements.