When Your Parts Require Chemical Cleaning... Trust
GSMP To Do It Right!

Chemical cleaning refers to a wide range of processing services. GSMP can assist you in this area for many of your customer’s requirements from the simplest solvent cleaning to the difficult re-cast layer removal.

Solvent cleaning can be performed using standard solvents to clean or may be performed using a particular product, for a certain specification, for a specific material. You can trust that the personnel at GSMP will ensure that your distinctive requirements are fulfilled, whatever they may be. Our personnel are trained in validating the requirements of the specification.

Cleaning using caustic or acid solutions is also performed at GSMP. We pay close attention to the materials we are processing to ensure that your hardware is not compromised. It is imperative that when processing your materials using these chemical solutions the personnel performing the process is knowledgeable of the effects of the chemical solutions on the material being subjected to the chemical solutions. Extra caution is the best approach and at GSMP we pride ourselves on this approach. We understand the need for strong supply chain support and work with our customer’s closely to ensure that they can count on us to assist them with the constant evolution of the chemical cleaning process.