Critical Re-Cast Layer Removal Services For EDM
Manufactured Parts On-Demand!

GSMP worked side by side with a valued customer to create and perfect a solution in removing the re-cast layer on Titanium when it was manufactured using EDM technology. Through the efforts of our quality department together with our customer and their customer we developed and implemented what we refer to as Re-Cast Layer Removal (RLR).

Controlled tests were performed using identical parts and the effectiveness of the process was determined and validated using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) analysis. GSMP developed the procedure and established a dedicated line to perform this process. Currently GSMP continues to perform this process which is subjected to strict testing to ensure that the base material is not affected from the removal of the re-cast layer formed during the EDM process.

This process has been implemented by some of our customers on their blueprints with the distinction of our procedure being the document specified to process the parts. The management and staff at GSMP take extreme pride in providing this process to our customers.

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