Critical Etching and Pickling Services On-Demand and
When you Need Them

Whether it is pre-penetrant etching, etching prior to welding, cleaning prior to or post thermal processing GSMP has the facilities and solutions for you. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to effectively read blueprints to properly mask any critical areas. Our chemical solutions are maintained by an in-house chemist. We have our accreditation from PRI (NADCAP) for solution analysis.

GSMP’s quality department makes every effort to thoroughly review the flow down specifications for the processes that we perform to ensure that we are performing all of the required testing within the specification. Many of the specifications that we process hardware to have additional testing embedded in the body of the documents. GSMP has a system in place to ensure that all the work that we perform has undergone a review and that we are providing our customers with the highest level of quality.

When etching/pickling hardware it is critical that the solutions used are working at an optimum level to avoid inter-granular attack and end grain pitting. Chemical solutions can be detrimental to the material being processed if the solutions are not properly maintained. It is also of the utmost importance that coupons are processed to determine etch rates and at established intervals throughout the year to validate effectiveness.

Cleaning prior to welding is one of the single most important factors. If the material is not cleaned, handled and protected effectively the weld process is compromised. We have the experience necessary to assist you with this process.